The world’s largest plane landed in Karachi – Antonov N225 Maria

KARACHI: The world’s largest cargo plane, known as Antonov N225 Maria, landed at Karachi Airport on Wednesday. The Russian-made wide-body aircraft, powered by six turbo phone engines and said to be the longest and heaviest ever built, took off from Afghanistan and landed at Jinnah International Airport just before noon.


With a maximum takeoff weight of 700 tons, it has the largest screen of all aircraft in operational service. Airport sources said the plane was scheduled to leave Karachi early Thursday morning. He said the plane was carrying military cargo that was being transferred from Afghanistan as part of a plan to withdraw US and coalition forces from the war-torn country. Meanwhile, the arrival of the world’s largest cargo plane in Karachi has caused a stir on social media, when people shared photos and videos of it on their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

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