Why People Preferred Small Houses – 5 Marla House

Why People Preferred Small Houses

In Pakistan, customer buying power does not increase that much as compare to developing countries. But recently we can see a lot of development in Pakistan construction industries.

It can be seen since when the world economy crashed due to worldwide pandemic Covid-19. The honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan announced a great package for the construction industry to help creates more jobs in private sector.

Pakistan becomes prominent country around the world where the construction industry flourish compare the other sector.

Why the construction industries become a back bone of economy

It is very important to understand that everything is linked with each other because of this automation era. As we can see when we start construction of small home it’s linked with more than 20 different business.

Low Budget Houses

Now a days small houses are more popular than the big house due to the following reasons.


  • Low Income
  • Increase the prices of land
  • Increase the prices of building materials
  • Bank high interest rates
  • Maintenance cost
  • Running cost.

Since prime mister of Pakistan take initiative for 5 Million Affordable/ low cost housing EOI & RFP.

In Pakistan, a lot of people prefer a 5 and 3 Marla house because it is easy to build, affordable and manageable for small and low income families consisting of 4 to 5 people.

For small and low budget houses you can contact with our team from buying a land till the completion of house.

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