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Why Real Estate Industry is Best – Invest in Real Estate Sector

Real Estate Industry: Every once in a while, when you have a hard time at work, it's a good idea to remind yourself why you've been in such a crazy field before. I found a great quote that can help you do that. Read it below, and then bookmark it so that the next time you threaten to quit everything and find a job in corporate America, you can send it to a colleague. Invest in Real Estate Sector Real...

Textile Sector Remain Number One in Pakistan`s Export – Real Estate Industry

Textile Sector remains number one in Pakistan's exports, but keeping the textile sector afloat is not one of the government's priorities. Cotton cultivation is declining every year.  The Prime Minister reserved a whopping 300 billion rupees in the agricultural emergency program, but surprisingly, the cotton harvest was not included in the program. That's why, according to government figures, cotton...

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