What is the best time of year to sell your house? Do you want to know

sell your house: While the start of a new year can trigger life changes for many of us, we tend to spend the winter months indoors. So it’s no surprise that our most recent research shows that March is the month moving companies move and the best time of year to market your property.

how to sell your house by owner?

April is the next strongest month to sell, based on competition among buyers for each available property, followed by May. Why? Well, for starters, many buyers and sellers are motivated to move into a new home during the summer months, and many movers put gardens and outdoor spaces at the top of their wish list.

sell your house

Additionally, for the past five years (excluding 2020), March is the time when most buyers have inquired about properties for sale. This in turn creates competition among buyers, giving sellers the best chance of closing the deal. The number of new listings hitting the market is also usually higher in March, but because buyer demand is usually so high, it’s still the strongest month to sell.

sell your house: For many sellers who may be aware of entering the market at a time when the number of new listings has traditionally been high, the data shows us that the level of demand in March means sellers are likely to find more potential buyers. Competing for your home.

How to be in the best position to buy when you find the right one?

This spring promises to be already intense. We continue to see an increase in already high levels of buyer demand, as well as the number of new sales listings coming to market. For its part, the number of requests to real estate agents by potential sellers to value their homes has increased by 27% so far this year, compared to last January.

buy when you find the right

sell your house: If you’re considering selling, you’re probably also looking to buy a new property. Due to the speed and competitiveness of the market, real estate agents report that if you’re actively looking for your next home, it’s still very important to become a power buyer.

This means making sure you have your current property on the market, or preferably sold under contract, to give you the best chance of securing your dream home.

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