PSL Covid Latest Update – Covid-19 Test – PSL Matches

PSL Covid Latest Update: KARACHI: Two unfamiliar players a piece of the Pakistan Super League’s (PSL) 2021. Bio-secure air pocket have tried positive for the Covid, said the PCB on Tuesday.

This was uncovered by the PCB’s Media Director Sami Burni. During a news gathering. Burni explained that not with standing development of the new cases. The Islamabad United and Quetta Gladiators conflict will be played at 7pm today according to plan.

PSL Covid Latest Update: He said that the board had directed 244 PCR tests. After Fawad tried positive for the infection, adding that out of these Three returned positive. “These incorporate two unfamiliar players and one individual from the neighborhood uphold staff.”

Covid-19 Test
Covid-19 in PSL

Covid-19 in PSL Matches and PCB Reaction

Burni said that every one of the three players had been separated from the rest. Adding that they were being isolated at an alternate floor on the lodging. The PCB media chief shared that Fawad Ahmed. Who tried positive for the infection daily prior, will go through “a recurrent test” today PSL Covid Latest Update.

He said that any remaining individuals who are in the bio-secure air pocket will be retested for the infection on Thursday. “Right now, in excess of 300 individuals are in the air pocket,” he said. “These incorporate players, authorities, uphold staff, establishment proprietors and security authorities.” He added, revealing that fast trial of the transmission group and the staff of the National Stadium had been directed.

PCB Virtual Meeting with Team Owner and Players

Burni said that the PCB will hold a virtual gathering at 3pm with establishment proprietors. The supervisory groups to bring them into certainty, give them consolations and remind them. And guarantee SOPs are not disregarded. He said that the getting sorted out board of the PSL has advised all players to “practice alert” right now. “We have not advised players to go into isolate or self-seclusion,” he said.

Burni said that Fawad Ahmed and the three other people who tried positive for the infection today will be isolated for 10 days.

PCB Announced About Covid in PSL

In light of an inquiry, Burni said that it is unimaginable to expect to discover. Where the break in the bio-secure air pocket happened. “You realize that life inside the air pocket is very troublesome,” he said. “So is its administration and as you said, it occurs in games across the world be it the Formula 1 or the NFL,” he added. 

Latest Covid - 19 Test Report of PSL

PSL Covid Latest Update: The PCB official said that it is highly unlikely to determine. The reasons for the air pocket getting penetrated. Saying that it was the aggregate obligation of everybody, in particular of the PCB. To guarantee that the glory of the competition isn’t influenced at all.

He said that the cricket board was making each move to guarantee consistence of Covid SOPs. “You realize that when the ball is tossed into the stands and the fans snatch it. The umpire wipes the germs from it [before giving it back to the players],” he said. “They have wipes and everything.

He repeated that these difficulties were being looked. By changed games coordinators across the globe. Because of another inquiry. Burni said that each individual inside the air pocket needs to go through. An interaction, regardless of whether they are cricketers or establishment proprietors.

Covid 19 Test in PSL

“These individuals need to segregate themselves for three days and that as well. After two negative (PCR tests),” he said, adding that still, intense choices should have been taken in the present. Virtual gathering called by the getting sorted out board with establishment proprietors and supervisory groups.


Because of another inquiry, Burni said that till March 16. Cricket arenas will have PSL matches for swarms up to half of the limit. In accordance with the NCOC’s mandates. 

PSL and Covid

PSL Bio-Secure Bubble and PCB in Action

He said that it is inappropriate to say that the PCB had not dependably dealt with the bio-secure air pocket. Rehashing that it is exceptionally hard to make an air pocket and live inside it.

Burni said that the PCB is reminding the groups to guarantee consistence. The Covid SOPs, adding that it is an “progressing measure. Where there is a great deal of opportunity to get better”.

PSL 2021: Islamabad United, Quetta Gladiators coordinate rescheduled. After player tests positive for infection. The PCB media chief was talking a day after. An Islamabad United player Fawad Ahmed tried positive for the Covid. The match between the Gladiators and United was rescheduled to 7pm today.

PCB Explain about Covid-19 Test Report


In a proclamation, the PCB had explained that the Covid test aftereffects. All players from the two crews had returned negative. “This is being done to guarantee players from the two sides get time to plan for the game,” it had said.

PSL Tickets and Covid-19 in PSL

Besides, the PCB had said that the tickets for the match that have effectively. They been purchased can be utilized to watch the match live on Tuesday. Following the occurrence. Fawad Ahmed had requested that everybody recollect him in their petitions. Saying thanks to individuals for their thoughtful messages.


“A debt of gratitude is in order for all the benevolent messages. if it’s not too much trouble, keep me in your petitions, truly necessary @IsbUnited @thePSLt20, and please everybody stay safe,” he had said.

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