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Protect Your Finances: A bend in the road is not the end of the road unless you turn. You parked your car in your driveway, unpacked your suitcase and holiday gifts, and swept the last New Year’s confetti off the floorboards.

Protect Your Finances with Real Estate

Once at home, you turn on the news to receive the latest financial news. Inflation, high-interest rates, and rising property values ​​are making headlines. It’s time to take another journey – a financial journey where your property is used to protect your finances.

Protect Your Finances

No one has a crystal ball, but history tells us that inflation reduces the value of our money, and high-interest rates reduce our purchasing power and ability to borrow. Which path do we take to protect ourselves from inflation and rising market forces?

Homeowners have chosen to protect their wealth

Here are the ways that some homeowners have chosen to protect their wealth based on market predictions. Lower Rate – Lower Payout – The Smiths refinanced and cut interest rates and cut mortgage payments, freeing up several hundred dollars a month.

Protect Your Finances: They plan to take some of the extra money and pay off the debt at a variable interest rate. Another part of their savings is an unforgettable vacation. Refinancing to shorten the maturity and defer the mortgage loan. The Millers cut mortgage rates and canceled the ten-year mortgage loan. They can now retire without being tied to a mortgage payment.

Fixed interest rate program

Refinancing using cash to restructure finances. The Garcia family took this opportunity to refinance and withdraw cash through a fixed interest rate program. Garcia used the money to modernize and modify their homes for his own pleasure and open the door for other family members to live with them in order to reduce their living expenses.

The customer bought an additional home to generate more positive cash flow from rental income each month. The Customers rented an apartment for years, but eventually gave up on paying homeowners’ mortgage debt.

Your financial advisors

They bought their first home and received a fixed-rate mortgage that would help them increase their assets and keep the budget. They don’t have to worry about the landlord increasing their rent every year. The opportunity is here and now, but one day it will disappear and we don’t know when.

Your financial advisors

Protect Your Finances: Check with your financial advisors and do something today. Don’t regret missing the opportunity. Home values ​​are forecast to continue to rise in 2022, but at a more moderate pace depending on how high-interest rates are.

The stock of homes for sale will remain limited, but more homes are expected to hit the market over the course of the year. Hunters Properties are leading the way when it comes to buying a home. Hunters Properties and the younger generation seem to maintain a confident outlook for the future in terms of home sales and high property values.

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