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Photo Tips For Your Real Estate Business – Best One of the best things you can do before you start marketing your ad is to make sure you have great images. This can be really difficult for homeowners and agents who are already overwhelmed by everything they need to know when selling a home. With these simple tips, you can be sure that your photos will help create interest and not scare people.


Order before taking the first picture. Getting the goods out is the key to taking good pictures. Removing furniture, making the room easier, and arranging what’s left will help potential buyers better understand how they will use the space.

how to make good real estate photos with iPhone

Please understand the pictures you need. Every home is different, but what the buyer wants to see is quite permanent. Make sure you have a list of all the images you want before you start. Examples include bedroom wide-angle shots, outdoor appeal shots, some in the backyard, one in each bathroom, and more.


Organize the house to get the perfect picture. Since staged homes typically charge buyers 1 to 5 higher deals, it is important to organize certain areas of the home. For your photos, keep some space on the stage to get the perfect shot. A great example would be an outdoor table set up in the kitchen just before a fresh fruit or barbecue.

how to take real estate photos with the phone

Try some new business tricks. Most professional photographers will have a tripod, a wide-angle lens, and they will shoot from different angles, giving you a more artistic feel. You should try it too!


Ask for advice and feedback. Like anything else you are learning, you should be open to advise and feedback. Putting your work in front of another professional and asking for their honest opinion can be awful, but it’s worth it because it will only help you improve!

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