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PAK vs ENG T20 Series : The second T20 between Pakistan and England will be played today at 6.30 pm the national cricket team has arrived in Leeds. Pakistan and England will meet in the second T20 match of the series. Sunday will be Full Cricket Fun Day, with both teams in action at 6:30 PM.

T20 Series

The national team arrived in Leeds from Nottingham and will return to the pitch after a full break. The seniors of the team put their heads together before the big game, began to manner, the Shaheen flew high with a zero lead in the series with a 31-run victory, Captain Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan are determined to win. Morale is said to be high from the victorious start, the players are excited by the great success.

PAK vs ENG T20 Series spectators in the stadium

With the permission of the spectators in the stadium, the colors were doubled, not only the players but also the fans are happy. According to the details, after the T20 win against England, national team captain Babar Azam shared the recipe for an excellent partnership and success with England hitter-hitter Rizwan.

Pak vs Eng

In a video posted by the PCB, the national team captain Babar Azam promised to win the series, saying: “We decided to play the first few balls carefully. At the beginning of the innings, it was difficult for Mohammad Rizwan to take over.” Taken so that the pressure does not come. He said he was initially working on a strategy of scoring ten or eight runs in each over, with the help of David Valle Kopch. Inshallah will do everything we can to win the series while maintaining consistency in performance.

Important to Improve my Career T20 Series

PAK vs ENG T20 Series : Vice-Captain Mohammad Rizwan said that the most important for the success of the two is the consultation on our fold, standing on the other end and consulting us, the role of Babar Azam is important to improve my career.

He said that he ran out many times at the beginning of his career, but that his relationship with the captain is excellent. When Parkinson got to bowling, the captain suggested playing with a straight bat. The momentum has turned, now you can win the series. Following the national team’s victory in the first T20 in Nottingham, the girl outside the stadium expressed her wish to see Captain Babar Azam as Prime Minister.

The Girl cricket fan and Babar Azam as Prime Minister Pakistan

The cricket fan replied that the captain of the national team is nothing less than an angel, he is very good. Hearts win, what will happen to our team if there is no Babar Azam, there is a Babar Azam team, and there is no Babar Azam of the team.

He should be appointed Prime Minister to which the fan replied that Imran Khan was also the best cricketer of his time and today he is the Prime Minister, he does not come from the chair to the ground to play, Babar Azam plays cricket very well, no he will play cricket in his whole life, one day he has to retire, this is the passion, these are the four and six to take the country high, that is why Babar Azam should be the prime minister of Pakistan.

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