National Cyber ​​Security Approval by Federal Cabinet – Advertising Policy

National Cyber ​​Security: Federal Cabinet Approval of National Cyber ​​Security, decision to impose taxes on sugar sales at ex-mill prices.The new Framework of Foreign Investment Contracts, Advertising Policy 2021 is also approved. The Federal Cabinet approved the first National Cyber ​​Security Policy and Government Advertising Policy 2021 of the country, while it was decided to impose a sales tax on sugar at ex-mill price by November 30, 2021 to control sugar prices.

National Cyber ​​Security Approval By Federal

A Federal Cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday also presented details of government spending on security by government leaders, serving and retired judges, bureaucrats, former presidents, prime ministers and key political figures in the federation, Punjab and Khyber. Pakhtunkhwa.

national cyber security

The cabinet was informed that the government of Punjab has spent 2,520 million rupees a year on the security of important personalities. The annual spending of the federal government is Rs 1.98 billion, while that of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government is Rs 99.83 million.

Cabinet also appointed Commander

The Cabinet also appointed Commander Rahat Ahmad Awan, Sitara Imtiaz (Military) as Managing Director of the Korangi Port Fisheries Authority, Karachi, the Board of Governors of the Pakistan Agricultural Research Council, and four members of the Board of Governors of the Pakistan Hydrocarbon Development Institute. . These members include Moin Raza Khan, Syed Faras Shah, Dr. Abdullah Malik, and Shahid Saleem Khan.

The Cabinet also approved the temporary appointment of Ahmed Timur Nasir, Director and Member of the Board of Directors of GHCL at Genco Holding Company Limited until the appointment of the Permanent Executive Director. The agenda for the appointment of the Chief of Statistics was postponed.

cyber security

The cabinet also approved a proposal to have dual citizenship with the Czech Republic. The agenda of the UAE government request for the extradition of a Pakistani national named Naseem Hussain and a Pakistani citizen named Ghulam Shabir was also postponed. The agenda of the briefing on the removal of encroachments in the federal capital was also postponed.

The Cabinet approved a new framework and strategy for agreements with Pakistan on foreign investment. The Cabinet was informed that Pakistan has so far signed 53 investment agreements with 48 countries.

23 Agreements of Cyber Security

16 Agreements that have not yet been ratified should not be further developed. 23 Agreements that have expired. However, in this regard, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was ordered to trust the countries concerned and bring these matters to a logical conclusion. 9 Conclude negotiations with interested countries on the termination of existing agreements.

The Investment Board also briefed Cabinet on the new draft prepared in consultation with the Ministry of Law, the Head of the International Investment Disputes Unit and the Office of the Attorney General, under which future investment matters would be decided with the outside world.


The cabinet was briefed on the status of the spread of the Corona virus, electronic voting machines and the progress made so far in the voting rights of Pakistanis abroad. The cabinet ordered employees of all government agencies to ensure corona vaccination by July 31.

The Prime Minister emphasised that the use of technology in the voting process must be guaranteed to completely remove any reservations regarding the election. An important decision was made by Cabinet in light of government approvals, NOCs, and other rules and regulations necessary to start a business and conduct business in the country, and consequently the difficulties of the business community, especially those starting new ones. Business. The Board of Investments is empowered to enact proposed legislation to remove outdated rules and regulations to facilitate business operations.

Investment Board developed for National Cyber Security

The Investment Board has developed a comprehensive strategy to resolve investment disputes in consultation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Finance, and Trade, the Ministry of Law, the Attorney General of Pakistan, the International Investment Dispute Settlement Unit, the Division of Homeland Security and other interested parties.

The Cabinet allowed the Pakistan Red Crescent Society to import five ambulances from Japan. The ambulances were donated by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Diplomacy in Tokyo, an agency of the Japanese government. The Cabinet also approved the inclusion of the Law for the Prevention of Trafficking in Migrants.

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