Maidan Pakistan Electric Car have developed Overseas Pakistanis

Maidan Pakistan Electric Car: Batteries have also been developed alongside the electric car, which will be unveiled in the next three or four months. Pakistanis abroad have developed a Made in Pakistan electric car and battery that will be unveiled in the next three to four months.

Overseas Pakistanis Develop Electric Car

According to Express News, the Made in Pakistan electric car is manufactured by the DICE Foundation (DICE), a group of Pakistanis based in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. The project is one of four mega-projects managed by the Foundation in Pakistan: it aims to bring to the fore the experience of Pakistanis abroad in the field of technology.


Dr Khursheed Qureshi, founder and president of the DICE Foundation, told express that using the skills of Pakistanis abroad, Pakistan has come close to introducing the world to the Maiden in Pakistan electric car. And it was designed by Pakistani experts working for global auto companies in the UK. In which Pakistani experts have offered their services to significantly reduce the costs incurred in the prototype (first model) of the Pakistani car.

Initial Model of the Electric Vehicle Manufactured in Pakistan

Dr Khursheed Qureshi said that the initial model of the electric vehicle manufactured in Pakistan will be unveiled in the next three to four months, while the battery pack for the electric car is also being manufactured in Pakistan and its design process and Manufacturing will be completed in the next three to four months.

Maidan Pakistan Electric Car: He said that the Pakistani electric car would be a masterpiece of Pakistanis abroad according to international engineering standards rather than reverse engineering that would get world attention. The best Pakistani electric car analysis results have been found and this car is at the forefront. It will compete with electric cars.

First made in Pakistan Electric Car 2

Dr. Khursheed Qureshi said that so far $ 100,000 has been spent designing and manufacturing the electric car prototype, which has been donated by all members of the Fund Dice Foundation. It survived thanks to the skills of Pakistanis abroad.

He said that in electric car manufacturing, Pakistanis abroad, as well as Pakistan technical education institute and industry, have also provided assistance. The technical analysis of this project is being carried out at DHA Safa University while working on the battery pack and power electronics.

According to Dr. Qureshi, the interior and exterior design of the car was done by the National College of Art and other universities are also involved. In the same way, the manufacture of the car is being done in TEVTA. Adding your own part and providing components and parts as designed.

Pakistan’s Electric Car Battery Pack has been Designed

Dr Khursheed Qureshi said that Pakistan’s electric car battery pack has been designed with the environment, climate and Pakistani driving trend in mind, which will have a minimum service life of 10 years, only cells imported battery from abroad. While all batteries in Pakistan are undergoing packaging and manufacturing work, some companies have also expressed interest in commercial battery production in Pakistan.

He said the car prototype is currently undergoing virtual and bench testing. Once the prototype car is ready, it will be road tested and fully adapted to Pakistani roads, driving trends, environment and weather. Will be done

Regarding commercial production of the car, he said that following the success of the prototype, investors will be encouraged to invest at least 30-30 million in the project, including the export of Pakistani-made electric cars and batteries.

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