Jasmine Grand Mall – Best Heights in Bahria Town – Latest Updates

Jasmine Grand Mall – Invest in Future

Booking for shops in Jasmine Grand Mall at Eiffel Town, Bahria Town Lahore is open. We offer numerous advantages to our investors such as modern architecture to attract customers, a developer track record, a guaranteed 10% income increase within 10 years, and much more.

An excellent investment opportunity for all in Bahria Town’s vibrant new center – elegantly built for real estate growth, brand development, and brand promotion. Along with shopping, dining, and entertainment options, Jasmine Grand Mall also has a massive luxurious lobby and huge public spaces for shows and events.

Best Heights in Bahria Town

The neoclassical architecture, trendy interior, and captivating design are to attract maximum shoppers and give your business a boast. Q-Links has proven results in numerous major retail real estate projects and so does its management team.

Jasmine Grand Mall – Invest in Future

Therefore, while investing don’t worry about the maintenance and staff of the mall, Q-Links have already got you covered. Moreover, the Bahria rooftop, skybar here with mesmerizing view of the Eiffel Tower and delicious flavors to taste is a great place to gather friends and family for dinner.

Investment opportunity in Bahria town

In a nutshell, each feature of Jasmine Grand Mall already speaks of its success. This must-visit place is under construction, and ints the right time for you to avail of its investment opportunity.

To follow Q-Links’ 3-year easy installment plan and buy your shop, contact our authorized dealers now. Jasmine Grand Mall Bahria Town Lahore is where your growth begins.

Jasmine Grand Mall – Mall at Eiffel Tower

Soon, you will experience hundreds of shops, services, and leisure activities at Lahore’s Eiffel Tower. With a massive supermarket, event spaces, and major anchor stores Jasmine Grand Mall is going to be the largest mall in Bahria Town Lahore. Its location is quite convenient for around one million people – who could be visitors, customers, employees, owners, etc.

As it has quick access from Lahore Ring Road, Raiwind Road, and other neighboring areas. Once is a lifetime investment opportunity for investors and business owners to own space at a premium location and grow their wealth.

Apartments for sale in Bahria Town Lahore – Heights in Bahria Town

Jasmine Grand Mall is a creatively designed ultra-modern shopping mall at Eiffel Tower by Q-Links. You will feel pride shopping here as it’ll not only elevate living standards but would be a great addition to Lahore’s infrastructure because everything here is designed to attract.

Jasmine Grand Mall – Mall at Eiffel Tower

Along with 200 plus shop spaces, dining, and entertainment areas – perfect for friends and family leisure time. Moreover, with world-class features, built-in systems, and cutting-edge technology the Jasmine Grand Mall ensures the safety, ease, and security of everyone.

Why Invest In Bahria Town Lahore – Jasmine Mall

Where it lets you shop, eat, and play under one roof, the Jasmine Grand Mall also has a budget-friendly supermarket market. Aslam Supermarket is in the basement and is probably the largest supermarket in Bahria Town. You wouldn’t have to go far now for basic groceries or to run errands once it’s open because it’s going to have all the household products, food, and other items.

Each floor and shop is an opportunity for those who want to invest and multiply their wealth. Jasmine Grand Mall promises guaranteed rental returns, a rise in property value, and ROI. Also, its construction is on the fast track. Whether you want to buy a shop for your own or rent purposes, book today before it gets too late.

Jasmine Grand Mall – Latest Updates

About Jasmine Grand Mall

Jasmine Mall is going to set high bars when it comes to eating, shopping, and playing under one roof. Located at Eiffel Tower Square, Main Boulevard Sector E, Bahria Town, Lahore. JGM is going to entertain thousands of visitors daily.

250,000 square feet, with more than 200 shop spaces, it also includes the largest supermarket in Bahria Town, Lahore.QLink’s whole team along with top-notch architects and interior designers designed each corner of this shopping mall with dedication and expertise.

Best Commercial Spaces

Jasmine Grand Mall, Lahore offers guaranteed rental returns which makes it a golden opportunity to make passive income. It is the type of commercial property that brings growth, income, and business opportunities for both investors and business owners. For an inflow of cash and yield brand promotions, own a shop in Bahria Town, Lahore today. Bookshop in Jasmine Grand Mall with an easy installment and payment plan.

  • Booking starts from Rs 945,000
  • Monthly Installments Rs 43,750
  • 3-Year Installment Plan

Construction Update

After the success of Jasmene Mall, another project of Q-links with a breath-taking view of Eiffel Tower Square, Bahria Town, Lahore the mall is under construction. Upcoming, Mall of Jasmine is designed to attract and please shoppers.

More than 50% grey structure is constructed and forecast to be 100% within the next few months. Once is a lifetime chance for investors to own a shop in retail real estate for growth, income, and business opportunity.

To get construction, payment, and booking details, please contact our authorized dealers.

Website: www.huntersproperties.com | 0331-4106160 | 0423 513 3523 | 58-B Commercial Rafi Block Bahria Town Lahore

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