How to invest in real estate international market for profit

How to invest: If you’re looking for capital gains, rental income, currency diversification, or reserve residence, below are the top 10 foreign asset markets to consider for investing in 2021.

Invest in International Market

If you haven’t had any serious opportunities for US dollar holders this year, don’t worry; It is entering 2020 with leading positions in many foreign markets. Looking south to Latin America, you will find strong purchasing power, especially in Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico.

Although it is impossible to predict how Brexit will affect the euro and European asset markets, the US dollar is still stronger in the old world than it was five years ago. An added benefit of investing in most of Europe is unlimited travel to the Shenzhen area.

How to Get Profit from International Real Estate Market

While other markets in the region have struggled and collapsed, Panama City has grown steadily over the past ten years. Growth is driven primarily by buyers from Argentina, Colombia, and Venezuela, which are largely independent of North American investment.

How to invest

The two main investment opportunities to focus on are our farmland and apartments for short and long-term rental. The inland part of Panama is a fertile breadbasket; Individual investors can buy organic plantations with a turnkey agribusiness return of 15% or more.

Invest and get huge Profit

How to invest: The third area to consider in 2020 is the opportunity to capitalize on Panama’s growing demand for quality affordable housing for a growing working class. With these government-backed plans, you can earn up to 23% fixed income in 24 months.

Real estate markets in Portugal have been operating since 2015. In some parts of Lisbon, prices have reached prohibitive levels (more than 10,000 per square meter). However, other areas of this city still offer good value for money, especially if you are looking for a renovation.

Best Real Estate Marketers

Much of the recent growth has been driven by non-EU foreign interests, mainly due to government efforts to encourage investment in the country through citizenship through investment programs. Elite real estate is in high demand.

To qualify for Cyprus residency and citizenship through real estate investment, you must spend at least € 300,000 on a new property in a government-approved development. The minimum stay in the country is one visit every two years.

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