How Telemarketing help Real Estate Business and small Business

How Telemarketing Helps Real Estate Business

Have a Plan:

How Telemarketing help: Before you begin telemarketing, make certain that you know what your objective is for the exercise. If it’s collecting e-mail addresses, you may well for smaller and medium-sized companies be able to obtain these from the first point of contact (whoever answers the phone). If it’s to talk to a decision maker, you’re going to need a way of convincing the first point of contact.

Speak Slowly and Clearly:

It’s normal to be a little nervous when you first start cold calling; unfortunately, Dropping your arms to your sides when you get through can create pressure on the diaphragm and help you slow down. With a more natural speed, you’ll sound more sincere. Sincerity works well in conducting business. And it feels good, too.

Be Prepared to Have a Conversation:

The person on the other end may have questions for you. You should be prepared to talk through any issues or concerns they have. If telemarketing were simply a “make a call, get an answer, hang up” proposition, it would be a much faster form of marketing than it actually is

Be Prepared to be told “No” or “No, Thank you”

How Telemarketing help: Truthfully, sometimes the response will be even ruder. Don’t let it upset you. If you feel confident, you can try politely to argue your case, but sometimes a “no” really is a “no”. Imagine the shoe on the other foot, too you don’t say “yes” all the time, do you? Let it go, thank the person for taking the time and try again another day. Telemarketing requires a lot of persistence to produce good results.

Handling the Gatekeeper:

If you find yourself stuck at the gatekeeper (that first point of contact) and have tried a few times, then you can try to get round them. Here are two strategies for this:

Call before the company is officially open or half an hour after it officially closes. Many receptionists only keep the official working hours of the company, but many managers and staff work earlier and later than these hours.

Real Estate

Ask for somebody who’s lower down in the corporate. One strategy the author found that worked really well was calling a company and asking to speak to somebody on their helpdesk. The helpdesk staff isn’t trained to keep gates closed, and they’re often only too happy to be helpful.

Always End a Call Politely:

How Telemarketing help: Whether you get what you wanted or not, always thank the person on the other end for his or her time. It may take many calls to get what you want, and you’ll be remembered, and not in the way you want to be if you’re not polite. You’re only as good as your last call, and first impressions last. Of course, it almost goes without saying—you should be polite throughout the entire call, too.

Practice Makes Perfect:

It can take a little while to get comfortable with telemarketing; don’t give up if the first call isn’t perfect. Remember that the worst thing that can happen is that someone will say “no”, which leaves you no worse off than you were before you made the call.

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