Economic Transformation Project of CPEC – China Pakistan Corridor

KARACHI: The Ministry of Maritime Affairs has announced an economic transformation project for Karachi under C-Pack. Federal Minister for Coastal Affairs Ali Zaidi released details of the project through a tweet. Karachi Coastal Comprehensive Development Zone (KCCDZ) The 3.5 3.5 billion. Projects will provide a modern urban infrastructure zone. To Karachi, The partnership with PT will be built with Chinese direct investment.

Econimic Transm,ission of China Pakistan Economic Corridor

Economic Transformation Project: According to Federal Minister of Coastal Affairs Ali Zaidi, the best project will be a game-changer for Pakistan. At the meeting of the X Joint C-Pac Cooperation Committee held in Islamabad and Beijing. The two countries agreed to include the Karachi Coastal Comprehensive Development Zone within the C-Pac framework. The project will reclaim 640 acres of marshland west of the port of Karachi.

Econimic Transm,ission of China Pakistan Economic Corridor
According to a statement issued by the Federal Minister, the provision of low-cost housing facilities as seen by the Prime Minister. Imran Khan is also part of the KCCDZ project that will resettle 20,000 families in the adjacent areas. In this green project, four new berths will also be added in the port of Karachi, increasing the capacity of Pakistan’s growing maritime sector.

Project Increase Pakistan’s Commercial Potential

Economic Transformation Project: A state-of-the-art fishing port and world-class fisheries processing zone are also part of the project that will increase Pakistan’s commercial potential. The project will improve marine ecosystems and reduce marine pollution. The project of digital higher also includes the construction of a water treatment plant on the Lyari River.

Economic Transformation Project

This major Chinese-assisted project will connect to Karachi via a port bridge. Starting behind Pakistan’s deep-water port and ending on the shores of Manora Island and Sandspit.

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