Cooking Robot – The world’s most efficient Cooking Solution

Cooking Robot: If you are hungry, you like homemade food but don’t feel like cooking, Oliver House Robot is for you. But this is not a robot with normal hands and feet, but a smart device that works in three easy steps: first, choose the recipe, second, put the ingredients in one place, third, fill the small jars with ingredients and press the button.

New York: This way, Oliver will do the rest of the work looking at the recipe. He has a smart cook who can prepare delicious meals, curries, soup, rice, pasta, fajita and many other kinds of food. From the pots that are placed on top, the ingredients come out from time to time and the robotic spoon inside prepares the food in its own way.

If you want to eat the famous Pad Thai dish, Oliver cooks it in six steps. If you like Three Bean Chile, it will be done in 14 steps, which works like an expert chef. Also, you can see a list of possible foods from around the world that Oliver Robot makes very easily.

Cooking Robot: Once the food is ready, it is very easy to open, close and wash it because it has a spoon inside and the pot is the same robot. It is also possible to add all the necessary ingredients in the morning and on the way back through an app.

It will automatically turn on and start your kitchen work and when you get home the delicious hot food will be ready for you. It costs 6630 per unit and comes with a two-year warranty.

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