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construction techniques: What new technology and materials are used to construct a new building? Is there enough reusable material with demolition facilities? At Expo Real 2021, Europe’s largest conference and real estate fair, experts discussed the latest construction and demolition news.

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In a session in Munich, the three experts discussed the advantages and disadvantages of 3D printing in residential construction. 3D Construction Printing at Perry, a family-owned firm and scaffolding company, explained why he relied on technology.

What construction techniques

Manfred Hampel, president of the Institut für Nachhaltigkeit, was more skeptical of the relatively new technology. His main argument against the bright future of printing was to do with the material he used: concrete. Although eco-friendly materials such as clay or clay were used in the process, concrete was the main imprint of the building due to its durability.

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Concrete is the most widely used man-made material on the planet, but cement production has a particularly serious impact on the environment. Cement is the source of about 8% of the world’s CO2 emissions, according to Hampel. I can’t see the future with him.

The other two contributors defended their product, saying it was too new to travel. Meyer-Bretz cites solar cell technology that was not effective in the early stages but has evolved over the years. Similarly, reusable materials such as bricks can be added to concrete used in buildings for 3D printing.

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The members of the panel have addressed the problem of lack of skilled manpower which is still a problem in the construction techniques industry. The need for fewer people on the deck and the lack of some staff trained on the computer may be a reaction.

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Young people find it more attractive to work in a safe and healthy environment than physical construction techniques work. Construction Technology 3D Printed Homes. New Hype or Solutions to Many Problems? 3D printing is a good story, stressed Hampel, who does not believe in its potential.


“We know there are boundaries,” Turk replied. His company uses a variety of techniques called gunning printing, in which the elements are pre-printed by spraying concrete. The parts are then assembled at the site. Making some components that are difficult to make using the old technology seems attractive in the long run.

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