Bill Of Quantity – 5 Marla House and 3 Marla House

Building of 5 Marla house always needs smart planning. Why people choose small area of plots for construction due to low budget. Because of low budget people always try to utilize maximum area for living in a small space.

Now a days, in Pakistan small houses becomes popular in the past few years due to non-availability of land for new town and private societies. The government of Pakistan always discourage the usage of agricultural land for acquiring new town and societies.

Grey Structure Cost latest

5 Marla House Grey Structure Cost

Building of Small houses like 3 Marla and 5 Marla are art. You need to hire a competent architect and reliable team of labourers, selection of raw materials, like Bricks, Cement, Crush, Sand, Doors, and Windows will help to add up in the value of house.

We can see Pakistan weather is rapidly changing for the past of few years. Due to high level of cultivation of green lands and tree especially Lahore is most effected city with the compare of other cities of Pakistan

5 Marla House Finishing Cost

The above bill of quantity (Grey and Finishing Structure) consist of the raw materials required for construction of 5 Marla house, work on the design, layout and plan to finances accordingly. 

For your convenience, we have brought a complete breakdown of the construction cost. It is important to understand that the above provided construction cost are applicable in case when someone building house himself, if you hire a contractor for the building of house with or without material then the rates and cost will be slightly high than the provided above.

  • The construction cost can vary depends on customers’ requirements. 
  • Construction cost and analysis are given on the bases of market research and trends.

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