Architecture Services – 2D Elevation Drawing – Layout plan – Architectural Aspects

Architecture Services: The Architecture Department, an attached department of the Communication & Works Department Punjab, has a specific role to perform. Basically, it provides architectural services to various departments of the Punjab Government. It is mainly concerned with planning, designing and supervision of architectural aspects of all the Government sponsored projects / schemes.

  • Excavation drawing
  • Layout plan
  • Working drawing
  • Public health drawing
  • Electrical drawing
  • Gas pipeline drawing
  • Hot and cold-water supply
  • Section
  • Boundary wall
  • Door window schedule
  • 2D Elevation working drawing.

Innovative architecture and design must change us, move us and allow us to become something new. We’re motivated by the curiosity to investigate how that innovation can work across projects, places and people. Our industry-leading engineers design highly integrated facilities where every aspect is carefully conceived to provide the desired experience within the built environment, perform reliably and efficiently support the anticipated outcomes.

Engineers Design Highly Integrated Facilities of Architecture Services

By providing well-informed custom design solutions for our clients, our engineers are able to adapt rapidly to the unique challenges of a variety of market sectors and building types. We leverage our past experience through the use of data and predictive analytics to provide resilient solutions and drive design decisions early in the project delivery process.


Our multidisciplinary teams collaborate to design critical civil infrastructure to enable, sustain and enhance communities and commercial services. From new public structures to road and bridge architecture to modernisation projects and more, we leverage the latest technologies to create innovative solutions to improve function, long-term value and greater resiliency.


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