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Mangla Garrison Housing (MGH) is not just another piece of land, it is the epitome of living standard in the cradle of nature. It is not just a project, it is a dream, a first of its kind in Pakistan. In a nutshell, it is going to be
another reason to be proud of Pakistan Yeh bhi Pakistan hai. MGH aims to provide the unique advantage of living in the high life in every sense of term by creating futuristic vistas for the world to admire and for you to enjoy.

Why Mangla Attract tourists?


Mangla is surrounded by a wealth of archeological remains. The location of these forts being in close proximity serve to enhance the value of Mangla as a destination.


Ramkot Fort

The name Mangla is derivative from the name of a minor village that was located in District Mirpur inside the government of Jammu Kashmir. The village is situated in the west of the foothills of Mangla’s fort (which also derivative its name from the same village). It is surrounded on three sides by the semi curvature of river Jhelum flowing north so south. It is bordered with Jhelum district and with right bank of river Jhelum between the state of Jammu Kashmir and Punjab province of Pakistan. Presently the word Mangla after the village had been razed to the ground with the constructionist Mangla Cantonment, Mangla colony left bank Wapda colony and Mangla hamlet. The village village Mangla itself was named after Mangla Devi, a Hindu goddess. It has been narrated to be site of the crossing of the Jhelum river by the forces of Alexander the Great facing king porus. At the time of construction of the Mangla dam, the village of thill, Baral and baruti across the river in Jhelum district were developed as residential colonies and offices for foreign workers and officials, Mangla cantt is situated in tehsil Dina district Jhelum Punjab Pakistan.

History Of Mangla Garrison Housing

Previous to construction of Mangla dam, in March 1962, practically all the citizens of the early Mangla village stimulated to Mangla hamlet, therefore this town signifies Mangla in a true intelligence. Mangla is located 12 km from the city of mirpur, at the mouth of the Mangla dam. The dam pool has a boundary of 400 km, and is a place of awareness. It hosts the Mangla power station, which is the second largest in Pakistan.

Mangla is the place of the historic Mangla fort. The fort is situated on a high hill overlooking the Jhelum River, dividing the mirpur and Jhelum district. A part of Mangla fort was razed during the construction of the Mangla dam, a larger part remains and serves as a public recreation place. 


MGH Exclusive Apartments

Katas Fort in Kallar Kahar & Rohtas Fort

  •           We called our valued customer with open heart welcome to the Gateway of Nature, Beauty and Luxury.
  •         We brought sites visuals and surroundings for you to get a real pictures.
  •          How we convince and attract our customers with the following feature of MGH.
  •          The breathtaking Mangle
  •          2nd Largest Earth filled Dam in Pakistan…… 8th largest Dam in the world.
  •          Uninterrupted panoramic views…. layers of vistas owing to rolling terrain.
  •          Blessed with rich heritage and natural landscapes….
  •          Glistening waters of the dam….
  •          Water from the lake provides a life-line for the survival of birds, fish, plants and people.
  •          Breathtaking sunset views.
  •          Vestiges of a glorious past.

Civic Amenities in Mangla Garrison Apartments

Extensive amenities and convenience required for a contemporary lifestyle are an integral part of residential township. Well thought out amenities and planning come together to ensure that life goes on smoothly in this most conductive environment

  •  Electricity
  • Water supply
  • Sewerage treatment play
  • Main Boulevard
  • Plots on 40 feet’s wide road bad inside street.
  • Foot path and green belts
  • Parks
  • School & colleges
  • Hospital
  • Graveyard
  • Public Building
  • Picnic Spots
  • Hotel & Restaurants


Luxury Lifestyle Of Mangla Garrison Housing

All members of MGH are entitled for the membership of Garrison Golf Club, Garrison water sports club & Garrison Riding Club. All members are permitted to have their own Jet Ski and keep their own horse in riding club.

The new signature of luxury Apartments

A place where each morning begins with the sound of birds chirping, a steaming hot cup of coffee, chatter of family and friends, quite game of chess or long promenades in the lush green landscape around.


In other words MGH allows you rediscover all of this here that you can nurture your emotions and experience and watch them bloom. It is our privilege to introduce new order of living. Come, fall in love with life all over again.



MGH brought 18 Holes Golf Course and club facilities approved by PG. all our Golf Club members are entitled to play anywhere in the world in PG approved clubs which is 100% free of cost.


Army Water Sports Club In Mangla Garrison Housing

  •       Canoeing
  •          Rowing
  •          Fishing 
  •          Boating
  •          Floating raft
  •          Parasailing
  •          Water skiing


Garrison Riding Club in MGH


Garrison Riding Club brought of value customer an opportunity to have their own horse with a very little charges. That’s mean you don’t need to pay for the horse.

  •       Riding School
  •          Look Pit
  •          Grand Stand & VIP Loundge
  •          Pony ride
  •          Snack Bar
  •          Members have their own bourses.


Project location and town planning

  •          Project location
  •          Convenient Location
  •          Accessible Via GT Road
  •          100 KM from Islamabad
  •          200 KM from Lahore

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