Alif Holding Developers Bahria Town Lahore – Waterfall Tower Apartments

Alif Holding Developers Bahria Town Lahore

Alif Holding Developers AR 14 Overview:

AR 14 is a vertical residential project featuring residential apartments in Bahria Town Lahore. Both residential apartments and commercial shops are present here. Alif Holdings AR 14 Bahria Town Lahore is a luxury with a magnificent and urban lifestyle that provides convenience and satisfaction of the highest standards.

A new level of comfort awaits the residents within this exclusive residence. This project offers the golden chance to live at a place full of excitement and luxury along with all the desired facilities that a modern family needs.

The unique design of the project; well equipped with all amenities and coupled with the highest emblems of construction makes it the most desirable destination for a family living. Residents can easily avail of every facility under one roof.

Alif Holdings Developer History:

AR 14 apartments are being developed by Alif Holding Developers which is considered one of the best developers of Bahria Town Lahore. They have already delivered 9-10 projects already and 2-3 projects are under construction at the moment and will be completed in almost six months. AR 14 is their fourteenth project as indicated by its name.

Waterfall Tower Apartments It is a newly launched fully residential project with a bundle of investment opportunities. It is an entirely residential project with 1-bed and 2-bed apartments. The project will be developed by the most reputable developer Alif Holdings.

Alif Holdings AR-14 Location:

Alif Holdings AR 14 is ideally located in Sector E near the Clock Tower in the main commercial of Iqbal Block. The location of AR 14 is very accessible as it is located in the main commercial near Talwar Chowk. People from other blocks surrounding Iqbal Block can easily visit here too.

Near-by projects:

  • Jamia Masjid
  • Eiffel Tower
  • Al Fatah Store
  • Iqbal Block commercials

Features and Amenities in Projects

High-end features like concierge and valet service, high-speed elevators, covered parking area, high-tech security system, advanced fire safety, and emergency systems, rooftop gardens and recreational area along with in-house gymnasiums and fitness centers are some of the must-have features of apartment projects that attract buyers and renters alike.

  • Security and maintenance
  • CCTV coverage
  • Access control through RFID technology
  • High-speed elevators
  • Smart Apartments with voice-commanded functions
  • Rooftop Garden

Why You Should Invest in Alif Holding Developers

The ever increasing demand for vertical developments in Lahore as the population is increasing, offers certainty in the growth of investment and hence makes Marina Apartments an extremely attractive project for investors.

Today we will discuss the following main points that Alif Holdings investors should know before investing here. Alif Holdings AR-13, AR-14, AR-15, Waterfall tower, and platinum is a golden opportunities for investment in vertical projects. These apartments are not just best for residence but also for investment too. Investors can rent it out to earn a stable rental income. These apartments offer commercial shops to the investors too that can give handsome profits and huge ROI.

Best Investment in Bahria Town Lahore

Almost all apartment complexes have their own management that is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the project Not only do they look after the shared amenities and facilities but are also responsible for repairing leaking pipes, burnt wiring, water damage, or seepage in the apartment units.

As an investor or a landlord, you won’t have to worry about fixing small issues that will inevitably surface over the years. The project manager will most likely take care of such things for a small monthly or annual fee.

  • Steady Source of Income
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Faster Development
  • Scalability Factor

Previous Projects of Alif Holding Developers

Alif Holdings AR-13 Bahria Town Overview:

The Alif Holding Developers is one of the leading and trusted names in Real Estate, We are committed to providing the highest level of professionalism, service response, personalized solutions, competitive prices, and professionalism

Developers of Alif Holdings AR-13 Payment Plan

  • Basement ShopsRs1, 9854, 00 To 2,376,000
  • Ground Floor Shop – Rs6, 565,740 To 8,809,990
  • Apartment – Rs 4,800,000 To 5,200,000

Platinum Square One Alif Holdings Bahria Town

  • Location: Located in the heart of Bahria town Lahore commercial heart. Platinum Square One offers luxury apartments and ideally located commercial shops.

Platinum Square One Payment Plan:

  • Apartment A, B, C, D – TOTAL PRICE: 4,700,000/-
  • Shops – Rs 9,755,000 To 12,500,000

Platinum Square Two Alif Holdings Bahria Town

  • Location:  Located in the heart of Bahria town Lahore. A Sister project to Platinum one, platinum square two offers the same level of luxury to our customers.

Platinum Square Two Payment Plan:

  • Apartment A, B, C, D – TOTAL PRICE: 4,700,000/-
  • Shops – Rs 9,755,000 To 12,500,000

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